Currently Tamzin is working on an EP of songs collaborating with the poet Catherine Pond, including the song Blue Ridge.

Here is a list of works and projects.

Vocal Music

When You Are New (2018)                           piano trio + singer

Blue Ridge (2018)                                        harp + singer        

Blithe on a Bird on a Briar (2017)                mixed ensemble + singer 

Carpet of Flowers (2016)                             chamber orchestra + singer

When Vera (2014)                                        contralto + piano

Gloria Nightwatch and the Ghost (2013)    chamber orchestra + singer

Sveitaar, Sveimen varr kveioinen (2012)      mezzo soprano + piano

Three Ingaaric songs for two faces (2012)  two singers


Just Feelings (2019)                                     string orchestra

Incidental Music for Allways (2018)             two flutes + two alto flutes

Daughters Concerto (2016)                         solo piano + orchestra

That Sweete Breeze (2014)                          violin, guitar/harp, piano

Loves: A Study in Rooms (2013)                  solo bassoon + percussion

Semester Abroad (2013)                              piano quintet

Fixation (2012)                                             two violins + piano

Large Productions

Allways (2017)             

An immersive play based on the letters of Environmentalist Rachel Carson and her closest friend Dorothy Freeman. The work explored ways in which the pair, who’s relationship existed almost entirely over letters, might have interacted had their long-distance conversations happened under the same roof. This work is a deep dive into the range of friendship to lover, examining love in many forms.

                        Writer/Arranger, Composer


in the Dream House (2014)     

An hour-long piece of Poetry Theater. Akin to a variety show, a line up of interconnected pieces of polyphonic poetry and songs delves into fears  and hope for the future, as well as terrifying dream experiences of the warped familiar.


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