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University of Southern California Thornton School of Music                                                                                                 Doctorate of Musical Arts, Composition                                                                                                  

              Focus in Musicology 

              elective fields in Harp Performance and Arts Journalism                   

       Master of Music, Composition            


Bard College and Music Conservatory

              Graduated May 2016 Magna Cum Laude GPA: 3.92                                                                        

       Bachelor of Music, Music Composition                                                                   

       Bachelor of Arts, Written Arts in Poetry


recent concert pieces


Little Spell (2020)                                 singer, two electric guitars, violin and cello, poem by Jay Julio 6 min

Upwellers (2019)                                  singer, harp, violin, viola, bass, surdo, lyrics by Catherine Pond 5 min

Just Feelings (2019)                             string orchestra 15 min

When You Are New (2018)                  piano trio and singer, for Longleash Trio, music and lyrics 11 min

Blue Ridge (2018)                                harp and singer, lyrics by Catherine Pond 6.5 min

Blithe on a Bird on a Briar (2017)       mixed ensemble and singer, for After Everything Collective 7 min

Incidental music for Allways (2017)     two flutes, two alto flutes 45 min

Carpet of Flowers (2016)                     mixed chamber orchestra and singer, for wild Up and LA Phil 13 min

Daughters Concerto (2015)                 piano concerto, soloist and full orchestra 14 min

Concert Works

large production projects


Morgana at School        (2019-Ongoing) An opera based on a crucial moment in the life of Arthurian character                                             Morgan le Fay, in which she faces the end of her magical education and relative safety                                           at a convent after the death of her stepfather, the King. Libretto by Sara Fetherolf,                                                   instrumentation mixed modern and renaissance instruments.


Allways                            (2017) An immersive play based on the letters of Environmentalist Rachel Carson and                                               her closest friend Dorothy Freeman. The work explored ways in which the pair, who’s                                               relationship existed almost entirely over letters, might have interacted had their long-                                             distance conversations happened under the same roof. This work is a deep dive into                                               the range of friendship to lover, examining love in its many forms.

                                         Writer/Arranger, Composer


in the Dream House       (2014) An hour-long piece of Poetry Theater. Akin to a variety show, a line-up of                                                       interconnected pieces of polyphonic poetry and songs delves into fears and hope for                                             the future, as well as terrifying dream experiences of the warped familiar.


Large Works

music journalism


Haut Bois Talk Show

                                         Co-founder and Interviewer with Daniel Allas

                                         Twitch live-stream composer/musician interview series  


San Francisco Classical Voice

                                         Los Angeles Concert and Album Reviewer

                                         Specializing in New Concert Music and Cross-Genre Works


Rubin Institute for Music Criticism



teaching experience 


Thornton School of Music        


Hip Hop Music and Culture, Assistant Teacher to Dr. Joanna Demers, Dr. Sean Nye, Jae Deal

Approximately 150 students

  • Grading weekly assignments and term papers

  • Guest lecturing (my own lecture), workshopping assignment and essay prompts

  • Managing student communication and individual tutoring on research essays


Electronic Music and Dance Culture, Reader/Grader to Dr. Sean Nye

Approximately 75 students

  • Grading weekly assignments and term papers

  • Workshopping assignment and essay prompts


History of Classic Rock, Assistant Teacher to Bill Beirsach

Approximately 75 students

  • Lecturing personally developed lectures weekly

  • Writing tests

  • Managing student communication


Theory and Ear Training, Assistant Teacher to Dr. Sarah Gibson

Approximately 25 students        

  • Teaching Friday labs, making lesson plans

  • Grading weekly assignments and exams

  • Individual theory and ear training tutoring


academic research  


Traditional Choral Polyphony from the Republic of Georgia

Areas of study

  • History of support and suppression within the Soviet Era and after

  • Effects of UNESCO Intangible Heritage status

  • Popularity among non-Georgian choirs, methods of teaching non-Georgian singers

  • Pre-Soviet Era Recordings


Trans Inclusivity in Choir and Gender Identity Expression of Trans Singers

Areas of Study

  • Efforts by trans advocates to provide choral directors with information to be trans-inclusive

  • Effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy on Trans-Masculine voices

  • Variable importance of voice in gender expression

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